This is the BrewDog UK plc Share Trading website of Neil Fletcher, known as ‘Share Trader’ on the BrewDog Investors Forum.


All sales up to 12/03/2024 below the Stamp Duty threshold are now in the buyers’ accounts at ComputerShare, and the new #equitypunks should have access to their investor discounts!
Sales dated 3/4/24 are in progress at ComputerShare.

The next Sale Date will be on Tuesday 16th April 2024.
If you place an order you must be able to make your payment no later than 11pm on the sale date.

Full details will be provided in our Formal Offer to Sell to you.

Open to NEW and existing investors in BrewDog UK plc.

We are NOT currently buying shares.
Go to our page I Want to Sell for more information about selling.

Investors with 2 shares currently get 5% Bar & UK Online Shop Discount.
Owners of 20 or more shares get DOUBLE DISCOUNT!
International discounts can vary from country, depending on local licensing laws.
From us, 2 shares cost £54.57, and 20 shares £172.15

The minimum purchase is 2 shares, the maximum 400 shares.
We cannot negotiate on price for this sale.
Sales above £1,000 will be supplied from different family accounts to ensure speedier transfer of the shares to you at ComputerShare.
If you wish to purchase more than 400 shares, please email

Please see further down this page, and our other pages for more information about BrewDog Shares.

Enquiry form to BUY shares from us:
The Sale Date will be Tuesday 16th April 2024.
Please do not submit a request to buy unless you are ready to pay for the shares by the Sale Date.

Since 2018 we have traded over 180,000 shares, and have helped over 1,000 other Equity Punks to buy or sell their shares.

If you buy or sell through us, we handle all the paperwork for you, and keep you fully informed through every stage of the process.

BrewDog have stated that they do not intend to hold any future public share sales, so this is an opportunity for new investors to buy shares to access discounts, and other investor perks.

Our prices are fully inclusive of all fees and taxes, and your shares will be transferred to an account at ComputerShare, BrewDog’s preferred custodian.
Just as if you had bought direct from BrewDog from a share issue!
Buying privately from us entitles purchasers to all the standard perks associated with BrewDog UK plc share ownership, such as discounts, Birthday Beers, AGM invites etc.

If you wish to make an enquiry to purchase, please complete the form below.
You cannot buy directly from this website.
Your purchase can only happen after we have sent you a formal offer, either by email or through the BrewDog Equity Punks Investor Forum.

Please note: We are private buyers and sellers of BrewDog shares, and NOT an equity broker.
We are also NOT part of BrewDog or ComputerShare, but operate with their understanding and cooperation.
You can check us out on the BrewDog Investors Forum, @Neil_Fletcher, or through our Facebook Page before committing to any transaction.
We are also active in the BrewDog Worldwide Community on Facebook:

We cannot give anyone investment advice, and any decision to buy or sell is your own responsibility.
We also do not know if, or when, BrewDog may list on a Stock Exchange.

We are now selling shares in BrewDog UK plc at the same settled price as on the official Trading Day through AssetMatch, which was held on 1st September 2022.

The base price is £6.50 per share, to which we add the same amount as the fees and taxes charged by AssetMatch to a UK registered address.
For non-UK buyers we will be cheaper, as a second international broker was required on the AssetMatch Trading Day, and we are not charging extra to non-UK buyers!
Please note that for purchases of small numbers of shares that the price per share will be significantly higher than £6.50

My late husband John & me drinking BrewDog Pale Ale in the Duke of Wellington, Soho, during one of the very few times we were allowed in a bar in 2020.

We are NOT currently buying shares.
Go to our page I Want to Sell for more information about selling.

If you have landed on this page through an internet search, we strongly recommend that you check out the BrewDog Forum where existing investors can see that we are genuine traders of BrewDog shares, and have many happy customers.

If you are not yet an investor in BrewDog you won’t be able to access the Forum, but you can check us out on Facebook:

For more detailed information on the buying process check out this link:
Further Buying Information

For an example of the Formal Offer to Sell to you:
Example Formal Offer to Sell BrewDog Shares

To be as fair as possible to buyers and sellers, our prices are fixed for all purchases under 5,000 shares, and we do not negotiate on price.
If you are seeking to make a larger purchase we may be able to give you a slightly better price per share
, by reducing our own margin on the transactions.

We are NOT brokers, but instead sell from our own shareholding before re-buying from other investors who wish to sell.
We register all sales over £1,000 with HMRC’s Birmingham Stamp Duty Office, and pay all taxes on any profits we make.

For large value purchases we must comply with Money Laundering regulations, and expect buyers co-operation in this regard.

We do not trade in BrewDog USA or Australian shares.
These companies are still very young, and we expect it will be several years before buying and selling those shares to be viable.

If you are looking to sell BrewDog UK Shares please see our page:
I Want to Sell

This is a hobby site, and not a business.
It is used primarily to help our fellow investors,

and we are not interested in web optimization, advertising or promotions of any kind.