Example Formal Offer to Sell Shares

We cannot sell shares to you any other way, so please ensure you have read and understood our Formal Offer.

This is an example only, and should you request to buy from us, please ensure you read our Formal Offer carefully, as it occasionally has to be updated or includes specific information about your purchase.

We are offering to sell shares from our own family shareholdings.
We may afterwards buy back from other sellers.
We are not licensed to trade shares as a Broker, so instead follow HMRC recommended procedures for buying and selling shares as individuals.

This is known as ‘Same Day’ and ‘Bed and Breakfasting’, and full details can be found at the HMRC website.

Purchases of £1,000 or less will usually be in your ComputerShare account 7 to 28 days after the sale date.

Purchases of over £1,000 will take between 6 and 15 weeks.
The delay is the time required by HMRC to process the required Stamp Duty paperwork.
We have no control over the time they take.
They advise up to three weeks but we have known it to take more than 12 weeks.

If there is a live share issue, we request new investors buy their first two shares direct from BrewDog. If you are a resident of the USA, or other jurisdiction unable to buy direct, we can create a ComputerShare Account for you.

Example Formal Offer to Sell BrewDog Shares

From: Neil Fletcher, John Stewart, etc.
(The final transfer will take place from one of our family accounts)

Our offer to sell BrewDog Ordinary B Shares (0.1p):
Sale Date: XX/XX/XXXX
Number of Shares:xxxxxx
Share Purchase Cost:xxxxxx
Buyers Stamp Duty:xxxxxx
Total to be Paid:xxxxxx
All prices in £ (GBP)
Latest Date for Payment: XX/XX/XXXX

In Summary: Complete the acceptance form on our website, pay for the shares, and we’ll do the rest.

In Detail:
Enter the following details through our acceptance form with the information for the Stock Transfer Form (STF):
a) Your Title, Forenames and Surname (eg. MRS MARY ANN SMITH) which will appear on your ComputerShare shareholder account.
For Joint Shareholdings, all owners titles and names should be supplied, lead investor first.
b) Your full postal address, including Post Code, and country if not UK.
c) Your existing shareholder reference number if you have one.

For existing investors the details must be EXACTLY THE SAME as they appear in your ComputerShare account, or ComputerShare will either reject the transfer, or possibly create a new account for you.
For new investors we will create a ComputerShare account for your shares using the details you provide.
For investors who have recently purchased from BrewDog but still waiting for ComputerShare details, they can decide to have the shares put into a new account, or hold the transfer until they have their details.

To accept this offer, please complete the acceptance form at:

The ‘Total to be Paid’ should be received in our account no later than the Sale Date.
Paying earlier is a great help to us in advising the original sellers of the likelihood of a completed sale.Details for your payment
Use your name and ‘BD’ as the reference to us.

A/c Name: Neil Fletcher
(It is a Lloyds Bank personal account used only for share transactions)
For international transfers (You must pay in GBP and cover all bank charges):IBAN XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXLLOYDS TSB BANK PLC, XXXXXXXX, United Kingdom
International buyers usually find Transferwise or other agencies to be cheaper than their own banks.
If you are considering using TransferWise and do not yet have an account with them, please use my referral link.

Sorry, but we cannot accept PayPal, card payments etc. as the banks will charge us practically as much in fees to receive your payment as the margin we are making on your purchase.
We can supply Monzo and TransferWise account details on request.

Please message us as soon as you have made payment.

When your payment arrives we will send you confirmation of receipt.
On or shortly after the Sale Date we will send you a scan of the signed Stock Transfer Form. It is your proof of ownership of the shares until they appear in your ComputerShare account.

For Sales of £1,000 or less
On the day following the Sale date we will post the STF to ComputerShare Investor Services PLC. 
The shares will usually be in your ComputerShare account in 7 to 28 days after the Sale Date.

For Sales of more than £1,000
We will send the required documentation digitally to HMRC with the Stamp Duty payment, and then finally to ComputerShare Investor Services PLC by Royal Mail recorded delivery.
The whole process will take between 6 and 15 weeks.
Emailing us after 6 weeks will in no way speed up HMRC returning the forms to us We will keep you informed by messages and copies of the scanned documentation every step of the way.

The Sale process will be deemed completed once the shares are in your ComputerShare account.
You can update your shareholding on the BrewDog Forum by emailing equitypunks@brewdog.com attaching a copy of your new Share Certificate.  Tell them you purchased the shares from C0000000089.
Unfortunately, this is not automatic, as BrewDog currently has no direct link to ComputerShare account balances.
It is not a requirement to inform BrewDog, but useful if you are increasing your balance to get the extra discount!Please message us if you have any queries.
Neil & John #89