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This is the BrewDog UK Share Trading website of Neil Fletcher, known as ‘Share Trader’ on the BrewDog Investors Forum.

We are currently in the market to buy shares.

We do not advise that people should sell at all, unless they have fully considered their options.
Please read the information further down this page for further details.

If you have AT LEAST 200 Shares to sell, please click this link

If you don’t have access to your ComputerShare Account, or maybe don’t even know what ComputerShare is, you are wasting your time reading any more on this page.

Read this link first, and then come back here afterwards!
ComputerShare Information Page

We cannot buy shares from you until you can access your account at ComputerShare. Paper share certificates, screenshots etc. are not acceptable, and you will be required to download digital share certificates from within your ComputerShare account to email to us, before we will even consider buying your shares.

In the past too many people have either misunderstood the importance of ComputerShare, or blatantly lied about their access or the account being up to date. We only pay new sellers to us on final transfer of the shares, so unless you follow the instructions below carefully, you will not sell and will not be paid.

If you hold your shares at share.com (formerly TheShareCentre), at Jarvis, or any other custodian, you will need to contact them if you wish to sell your shares.
We cannot buy shares from any custodian other than ComputerShare.

Before you sell a private equity like BrewDog UK plc shares, you need to be aware of several important facts.

BrewDog is currently working very hard towards a potential Stock Market Listing, but the current world financial environment makes it unlikely that it will be soon.
But if you sell before this happens, in our opinion, you are highly likely to get a price considerably less than you will after a listing.

You have bought a private equity, and selling it before the company lists on a stock exchange is not a simple process, and you are likely to receive considerably less than the company’s last share issue, and possibly less than you bought the shares for.
The vast majority of private equity companies go out of business, do not pay out at all, or you make a loss on your initial investment.
Very few are as successful as BrewDog.
It is only because BrewDog has done so well that early investors are now making profits by selling before a listing.

You also need to know if you will have any Tax liabilities.
In the UK this is Capital Gains Tax.
In the tax year ending 05/04/2023 each individual investor has a Capital Gains Tax Allowance of £12,300. As long as your profits from all asset sales are below this level you may not have a liability.
From 6/4/2023 the allowance will be REDUCED to £6,000 and the following year it will be reduced to £3,000.
If you are not subject to Tax in the UK you must still check out your local tax situation.
You will need to speak to an accountant or tax advisor if you are unsure about your tax status.

Generally, you should only sell a Private Equity if you fit the following criteria:
1) You are an early investor taking out profits
2) You are selling to re-balance your investment portfolio
3) You really need the cash now, and have no alternative but to sell
4) You believe that the value will go down

We are all very lucky that we can trade our shares at all, let alone at a profit!
This is not normal for private equity investments generally.

But, if you do have to sell there are a couple of options.
1) A trading day is held once a year as long as there is no current Share issue taking place. The latest, and only the fourth ever, was held on 31/08/2022.
The shares were first sold by BrewDog in 2009/10, so Trading Days are not that frequent. You will typically pay 3% commission to the broker, and possible other costs. Non-UK residents and citizens may pay double this in fees, possibly much more.
If they do hold another official Trrading Day, it will only be announced on the BrewDog Investors Forum so you need to make a habit of checking there regularly.
2) You can sell privately.
The process is quite straightforward for sales up to £1,000.00 as Stamp Duty is not involved. Above this level, it gets a bit more complicated as the seller has to effectively collect the buyers Stamp Duty payment, and pay it to HMRC to stamp the form.
There are currently ‘temporary’ digital procedures still in place (as of January 2023) because of Covid-19, and you should check out HMRC’s website to make sure you know what you are doing!
ComputerShare cannot transfer shares traded with a value over £1,000 without the Stamp Duty having been paid. There are some exceptions to this, but you must be absolutely sure you know what you are doing.
The slightest error in details on the ComputerShare Stock Transfer Form will cause it to be rejected.
I have posted a guide on how to sell on the BrewDog Equity Punks Forum.
If you are registered and logged in to the Forum, you can see it here:

BrewDog Forum: How to Sell Shares Privately

Do you need our help to sell your shares?

We are currently in the market to BUY shares.

Click this if you have AT LEAST 200 shares to sell,
to go to our enquiry page.

We hold regular general sales, but we source the shares BEFORE they start.
Check our Home Page to see if we currently have a sale on!
We can never guarantee to be able to buy your shares to sell, but we will try our best if we agree to take your shares on.

If you have at least 500 shares for sale, and your requirement to sell is very urgent, we may be able to assist you outwith our general sales.
We occasionally receive requests from buyers who have the ability to buy in large quantities, but expect prices much lower than the Trading Day or general market prices.
If you wish your shares to be considered for such a sale, you can email me at neil@brewdogshares.com
You will need to have access to your ComputerShare account with your legal registered address up to date. You must be able to download a current valid digital share certificate to send to us, tell us how many shares you wish to sell, and the lowest price you are willing to sell for.*

*Sometimes you will have to be much cheaper than you expect, if you are really desperate to sell.

We believe that your shares are worth more than the price at which we can buy them from you.

Any information you provide to us will be treated in the strictest confidence, and we respectfully request that any information we supply to you is treated likewise.
No data is stored on this website. We will never pass your details to anyone else, other than to the bodies who require it to complete any share trade between us.

We do not trade in BrewDog USA or BrewDog Australia shares.
These companies are still very young, and we expect it will be several years before buying and selling their shares second hand will be viable for anyone who isn’t prepared to take a significant loss. This is typical of the vast majority of Private Equities. They are long term investments, and cashing out early nearly always leads to a loss.
USA share trading legislation is also very different to the UK, and you can transfer shares from your KoreConX account very easily, if you can find a buyer.
So hopefully, our services should not be required at all!
We don’t know anything yet about trading the Australian shares, which have only just been released for sale.

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