Further Buying Information

How it works

Our process is very simple and we have many satisfied customers, as those familiar with the BrewDog Forum can testify.
You will usually pay considerably less buying from existing investors than from a BrewDog Share issue.

Important information:
We sell exactly the same type of shares as those bought direct from BrewDog, and they come with the same standard shareholder benefits. These include Bar and Online Shop Discounts, a Birthday Beer, an invitation to the AGM, and priority access to limited edition beers.
What you don’t get are the ‘boosted benefits’ which are only offered to investors buying into a particular direct share issue, such as certain free beers, beer club memberships, a signed book, or a laminated beer fridge.

Investors can also use the BrewDog Investors Forum to agree trades of shares. This is a ‘closed’ Forum, only open to existing investors.
Checking us out on there gives you more security, as you know you are not just dealing with a stranger on the Internet!.
If you wish to find me on the Forum, I am @Neil_Fletcher (Share Trader).

Since 2018 we have traded over 85,000 shares, and have helped over 500 other Equity Punks to buy or sell their shares.

If you buy or sell through us, we handle all the paperwork for you, and keep you fully informed through every stage of the process.

In brief, this is what happens:
1) We email you an offer to sell to you, with full information and instructions.
2) You complete an acceptance form, providing us with the details for a ComputerShare account for the shares to be transferred to. This reserves the shares at the agreed price.
3) You make payment on or before the agreed date.
3) We confirm receipt of payment and on the day of the sale or just after, email you a scanned copy of the signed Stock Transfer Form (STF).
4) We complete the necessary hard copy paperwork, including HMRC Stamp Duty if applicable, keeping you informed at every step of the way, until the shares are finally transferred to your ComputerShare Account.

A quick search of the BrewDog Equity Punks Forum will provide you with plenty of information of our track record of helping our fellow investors.

For sales up to £1,000 the shares should be in your ComputerShare Account in 7 to 28 days from the Sale date.
For larger sales, we will take care of your Stamp Duty responsibilities, and the shares will take between 6 and 15 weeks to appear in your ComputerShare Account.
The reason for this is the time it takes HMRC to authorize that the Stamp Duty has been paid.
They promise 3 weeks, but rarely meet this target.
It will not matter how many emails you send to me asking if the form is back yet, it will not come back from HMRC any quicker 😉
ComputerShare cannot transfer shares without a legally compliant Stock Transfer Form.
Legally, your purchase date is the one on the signed Stock Transfer Form, not the date of your payment nor the actual share transfer, however long after the sale date that takes.

We are not equity brokers, so cannot buy and sell shares like Asset Match or other FCA registered organizations.
We must first sell shares from our own family holdings, and then buy them back from other investors wishing to sell.
All our trades are compliant with strict HMRC share trading procedures:
Link to HMRC Guidance

The photo of the ferret was taken in BrewDog Roma. It is here to break the monotony of so much text 😉

Edit: Important note for our 2021 sales – We will currently NOT be charging additional fees for non-UK and new ComputerShare accounts for our current sales!

We welcome enquiries from existing BrewDog investors, and potential new Equity Punks!
If you are new to BrewDog UK and ComputerShare there will be an additional charge of £30.00. If there is a current BrewDog Equity Share sale, then we will ask you to purchase a share direct from BrewDog instead.
For this fee we will check your identity for compliance with Money Laundering regulations, and open an account with ComputerShare for you, where your shares will be held electronically.
We will also require you to confirm that you understand that you are buying an unlisted Private Equity, and that you are aware of your responsibilities.

If the registered address for your shares is not a UK address, there is an additional one off charge of £30.00 for your first purchase from us.
This is considerably less that would have been the case if you were required to appoint a third party international broker, as was required through Asset Match. This charge is waived for existing customers.

We are not employees of BrewDog, but Neil is an active participator on the BrewDog Investors Forum.
BrewDog are aware of our Trading, and we always ensure that the company is content with our trading activities.
As large volume shareholders ourselves, the long term success of the company is in our interests too.