I want to sell less than 100 shares

If you are desperate to sell a small number of shares, we can help you, but the prices we can pay are low because of the time, costs and risks of the transaction.

We do not advise that people should sell at all, unless they have fully considered their options.
We do not believe that we can give anybody a better price than they will get either selling for themselves, or waiting until a listing.

But we offer this service, if folk want or need to use it.

We receive several messages each week asking if we will buy small volumes of BrewDog Private Equity Shares, but the potential sellers obviously do not realise the work involved in completing a transaction, and are often expecting to be paid something close to the BrewDog latest share issue price.
If you can find your own buyer and do your own paperwork, you may get a good price, but no one else is going to do it for you for free.
Not even me, on the best of days 😉

As of 04/03/2021 we can offer to buy your shares for the following prices, which are still considerably high value increases for investors who bought into the company more than 5 years ago.

SharesPrice per share offered
1 to 9 £       5.00
10 to 19 £       7.50
20 to 29 £    10.00
30 to 39 £    11.00
40 to 49 £    12.00
50 to 69 £    13.00
70 to 99 £    14.00

There are no sellers fees except for additional help in printing and postage costs if required, or international payment transfer costs if applicable.

We advise that you should check out the more detailed information on our page:
I Want to Sell

If the ComputerShare account is a joint account ALL shareholders will be required to sign the Stock Transfer Form. Unless you have contact with all other shareholders on the account, you cannot sell.

Please complete the following form if you wish to sell less than 100 shares to us at the prices detailed above.

If you have more than one SRN, put your main one here, and let us know about any others in the comments box below.
This is the most important part of the form. Please don't fib. If you do not have access, DO NOT SEND THIS FORM. Your ComputerShare account is not your account on the BrewDog Forum. Check out our ComputerShare page first for more information.
Neil will provide successful UK sellers with general advice, should they request it.
Once you have submitted your form, all future correspondence will by either by email or the BrewDog Forum Direct Messaging system, whichever is best for you.

We aim to respond to all submitted forms within 48 hours, and when we do will will request full ComputerShare details, and require digital copies of share certificates to be sent to us by email.

This offer may be withdrawn at any time, and we cannot guarantee to buy shares until we have completed the purchase process in full.

We are not interested in buying small quantities of shares at prices any higher than those detailed on this web page.