Buyers Acceptance of a Formal Offer – Single ComputerShare Account Purchase

If you have requested to purchase shares to a single account and received a Formal Offer from us, please complete the form below to accept the offer, and provide us with your details for the Stock Transfer Forms.
Once you have accepted the offer, the shares and price will be held for you, as long as your payment reaches us no later than the closing date on the offer.

Important information about ComputerShare

BrewDog UK plc shares are held digitally at ComputerShare Investor Centre.
Old style paper share certificates are no longer valid.

If you are an existing investor, we need the details you provide to be EXACTLY THE SAME as your current details in your ComputerShare account.
If you are struggling to find them, you can accept the offer and supply the correct details later, but your transfer may be delayed.
You should keep your details at ComputerShare correct and up to date at all times to ensure that you have control over your investment.
If the details you provide to us are different, when the shares you purchase transfer to you, this may result in you having an additional ComputerShare Account.

If you are a new investor, or have specifically asked for a new account to be created, the details you provide will be used to set up an account for you at ComputerShare.

When the shares are allocated at ComputerShare we will email you, and ComputerShare will write to you by post to confirm the allocation of your shares, and provide details of how to access your online ComputerShare account.

Legally, the shares become yours on the date on the signed Stock Transfer Form, not the date of transfer, however long afterwards that may actually be.

When buying shares from Brewdog direct from a share issue, we are asked to tick one box that states we have understood what we are buying.
However, many people believe that it is better to fully spell out some of the most common misconceptions buyers have, so that buyers are clear as to what to expect from their investment. CrowdCube do this, and you will find additional tick boxes on our form below that makes it clear exactly what you should expect from your share ownership.
If you are at all unsure, please do not agree to buy shares.


Please complete the form in BLOCK CAPITALS

It has been reported by a small number of buyers that the form occasionally doesn’t send, but I have not been able to find out why, sorry.
If this happens to you, drop me an email to

I understand that I am buying a high risk, usually long term alternative investment, where my capital will be at risk, and there are no guarantees of a return.
I understand that the ownership of shares comes with responsibilities, including maintaining control of my account with ComputerShare, keeping records of my share transactions, and accounting for my tax on any profits or losses my investment may produce.
I understand that as well as the financial investment aspect of owning shares, that the company also gives benefits to shareholders such as bar and online discounts, AGM invites and Birthday Beers etc. but that these are subject to change by the company at any time.

Many thanks for buying your shares from existing investors through Neil Fletcher BrewDog Share Trader.
On receipt of your Acceptance Form the shares and the agreed price will be held for you, providing your payment reaches us by the due date.
If your purchase value is above the UK Money Laundering Regulations amount of £8,500 please do not make payment until we have contacted you and carried out basic checks. We look forward to your cooperation in this regard.
As soon as we receive your payment we will acknowledge it, and a copy of the signed Stock Transfer Form will be sent to you on, or shortly after the sale date.
Actual transfer of the shares usually takes between 1 and 16 weeks after the sale date, as detailed in your Formal Offer.

If you decide you are not going to complete your purchase after sending the acceptance, please email us at so that we can make the shares available to other buyers.

We fully understand that people may change their minds for many reasons, and it really helps us, and the other investors you are buying from, if you let us know as soon as possible.
Thank you.