BrewDog Investors #89

BrewDog have their last crowdfunding raise currently on sale.
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John & I invested in BrewDog back in their very first crowd funding round in 2009, and are very pleased that it has become one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.
… They also make great beer!

We are Shareholders #89, and there are now over 200,000 investors.
They currently have a live share issue and you can buy shares from them for £25.15
They had sold over £13M worth as at 15/01/2021.

If you are new to the company and wish to invest, please buy a share direct from BrewDog using my referral code using the link Equity For Punks Tomorrow, and then you can buy more from other investors at much better prices! 😉

In early 2018 we sold a small number of our own shares to realise cash from some of the growth, and also sold shares on behalf of other early investors.
We have now traded over 60,000 shares.

BrewDog held a Trading Day event on 31/01/2019, through Asset Match.
The one planned for May 2020 was cancelled because of the corona virus situation.

The price in 2019 settled at £15.00 per share and 138,364 were traded.
After charges, sellers received approximately £14.55.
Buyers paid 0.5% SDRT (equivalent of Stamp Duty), 3% commission, and an additional £25.00 to transfer shares.
So if you bought 10 shares the buying price worked out at £19.58 per share.
For 100 shares, it would have cost £15.78
For 1,000 shares £15.55

This was an excellent outcome, giving a healthy profit for all investors who bought in before 2016. Private Equity is a long term investment, and any gains in less than 5 years are highly unusual. BrewDog continues to buck this trend in a good way!
With the current global pandemic, the current out look is very challenging, but the company has reported that its online sale have increased 1,000% and appears to be weathering the storm.

We hold regular sale of shares on behalf of other early investors, and you can find out more from my Home Page

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Clicking on the BrewDog logo below will take you to their website, where you can find out about the company first hand.